Dear Master Kosen,

My knowledge of Buddhism isn't big. It consists of reading a few web pages. These include Master Deshimaru's questions and answers and your questions and answers. When I read some of the answers I get a feeling through my body which I feel is true. Basically I have a few questions, and if you would answer them I would be most grateful.

1) It seems as if you regard the practise of zazen at home a path for someone who is selfish and looking to self-gain. Does this also include practising zazen without a master present? Also, is it possible that this isn't true, for example, the first Buddha under the tree was by himself? Instead of zazen at home, is there something else that one can do? Where is it safe to practise zazen?

2) I would like to read a few books on life and was wondering if these two are a good place to start: An Open Heart - Dalao Lama. / The Little Book of Wisdom - Dalao Lama. Thanks and Regards James Parnis

Answer from Master Kosen

It's better to practise with others! Master Deshimaru taught me this way!!! The Shobogenzo by zen Master Dogen or the books of Master Deshimaru are good.

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Master Kosen, Some people have an innate motivation and need little effort to practice, while for others, it is just the other way round. How can one develop a strong motivation? Thanks.


Hi there, bonjour... I practise my sitting twice/thrice a day.Love the sit. Best thing in my life. Go to a small group once a week too, part of white plum org. No probs with that. was wondering though if you guys were ever considering setting up a branch of your sangha in London?

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