Thanks for having taken the time to answer my previous question. I talked about vibrations, and you answered by a link about hyper-reality and people who are absolutely convinced that it is true, whereas it is only an image projected on a screen. Illusion of the senses, then. . . Vibrations would thus be an illusion, not to be taken into account. . .


Your Master had told you not to practice other disciplines before having explored thoroughly zen. Conversely, my inside Master tells me not to explore zen before having trodden my path, then, if I feel like it, I will try zen, Tibetan Buddhism, and even, why not, druidism. I will certainly have much fun practising all that. Or maybe I won't feel like it, who knows?

Well, I'm going to look for information about these vibrations, which are not illusory, I can tell you, and I strongly doubt that the brain is the only one involved in it. I will keep you informed.

See you in a few years, then. . .


Answer from Master Kosen

The vibratory phenomenon that you describe seems to be linked to uncontrolled kundalini movements. When you are young, when sexual energy is high and when when you practice meditation regularly, this kind of vibrations can occur. Breathe calmly, concentrate on the top of the head, and let energy go slowly upwards through the spine till it floods the brain.


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You said that there was no religion in Zen, thus, no deities either. All right, but I do like praying, it's very powerful and calming. Praying who or what ? God or oneself. For me, prayer cannot be separated from practice. Are there no prayers whatsoever in Soto Zen? Even not to Buddha or Buddahood? Silence, vacuity listen to our prayers, ...

Sport or meditation, or both?

hello Master, according to scientific research, to do at least 3 X 45 minutes sport per week, would be an effective way of being in shape, sport acts on the neuro transmitters and would support the well being!According to you master, Which one is necessary to do, sport or meditation, or both?

The new age theses.

I have just read the question of one of your disciples about his absolute mastery and I visited the site of jasmuheen. I must admit that I found it somehow worrying... I know that you met this person but I am astonished to see a Zen Master adhering to the new age theses (kind of marvellous shallow and thwarting, but this is only as for me). So ...


Hello I'm Nancy, I have been reading Osho and its message seems to me excellent, nowadays it is necessary to be able to extract these educations and to be able to read them and to try to interpret them, in my case they have been of great help and happiness for my life. My question is: Always for one or another reason I have not had a couple, I ...

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Hello Stephane, My question is about reiki. It was done to me, then I discussed with the person who had applied it to me. She said to me, about the initiation into the first or second degree, that it was a setting in touch with my guardian angel, "the ascended Masters and beings of light". That made me perplexed; I was told that you had had an ...

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