Are you informed of the research carried out by two Austrian researchers on Dalaï LAMA, published under the pseudonyms of Victor and Victoria trimondi? If there is already an English translation, the French one is being prepared. It is about a rigorous investigation which seems would reveal the "hidden face" (it is the title of the work besides "the hidden face of the dalai lama"), the myth known as kâlacackra, the cruel practices and an ideology which seems very far from the compassion usually conveyed by Buddhism. It would seem that there are also bonds with certain revisionists groups and mystics (Miguel Serrano, Jean Marc Riviere etc....). The authors also were interested in the crucial role of the discovery of the "esoteric" East for the mental universe and the design of the Nazi world (extremely expensive trips to Tibet, practical of the meditation in order to "release" from the fear of dead the "warrior" ss etc...) Though you will find more detailed information about this (given of course that you are already with the perfume...) the site of Victor and Victoria Trimondi. "secret aryan cults, the occults roots of nazism", of good-clarke is also rich in surprises if one can say.... Could it be that it is there a "hidden face" of Zen? The results (provisional, well-sure) of this research would show that the fascistic interpretation of some Eastern practise would be far from being only ghostly or to be only the product of the morbid Nazi imaginary. In short, lost in an abyss of painful contradictions, I allowed myself to ask you what you think of all that. With my sincere salutations.luc

Answer from Master Kosen

I think that all the churches are corrupted.
No matter if they are Buddhist, Christian or Moslem, and in particular when they exert a social power and involve themselves in the life of people. This can go as far as ideological or political power. They are only sects in the end which one day obtained enough influences to impose themselves on entire populations.
Zen reveals in us a religious spirit, because we all have in us this potential, but it does not ask us to belong to a church, except when it is corrupted. To even receive the ordination means an engagement to oneself and not a membership to a church, it is on this point that I disagree with the AZI.
Each one must become, on the contrary, responsible for its own life and deeply free. I am in this sense for a laic Zen even if it is deeply religious. The Tibetan Buddhists confessed their past errors, Dalaï Lama himself declared that hard test which they had to undergo through their exile had opened their eyes to them on certain past errors and had purified their hearts.
I do not agree with these people who systematically try to dirty entire communities by digging in dustbins and by carrying out caricatural research taken out of their historical and cultural contexts.

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