Is there a false Zen of Master Deshimaru ?
If so, why am I mistaking ?


Answer from Master Kosen

Master Deshimaru's zen is the true zen, in all its purity, its freedom and its simplicity. It is the "standard zen", the reference. None of his disciples can pretend to teach Deshimaru's zen at 100%, but they must put all their efforts to do it best and with their most profound conviction, in trying to remember and to practise in the same spirit as he did. But also in understanding by themselves and in being creative. There cannot be any continuity without creativity and constant evolution. There are some disciples of Master Deshimaru who believe that teaching zen to people across the world is comparable to a dog who pees to indicate his territory, it is regrettable.

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Hello Master KosenI wish to get the ordination of boddhisatva. If at first I thought of passing by the AZI (because it is the association that Master Deshimaru founded), we could think that it was legally the most logical.Little which I saw over there quickly discouraged me.I then plan to benefit of a stay in Japan to make me order "on the ...

"Well, the ones who love so much to quote the words of Kodo Sawaki in their kusen, why don't they have the idea to imitate sometimes his acts?

"Well, the ones who love so much to quote the words of Kodo Sawaki in their kusen, why don't they have the idea to imitate sometimes his acts? Himself, he precisely received the shiho of the successor of his master, old time fellow-student. Despite the fact that in his youth there was a relationship of competition, he did it with humility, as he...


I would like to know why Master Kosen received the Shiho from the lineage of Master Niwa Zenji rather than from the lineage of Master Kodo Sawaki or Narita Shuyu Roshi ?

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