The Dojo Zen Ryokan of Barcelona is organizing its 11° edition of Zen y Playa in Catalonia, from August 26 to September 4, 2022.


The past last week of august the Ryokan Dojo Zen of Barcelona celebrated its 10th edition of Zen y Playa, a retreat created to promote the practice of zen in a beautiful environment such as the Mediterranean coast.

Ever since its beginnings the organization of Zen y Playa intended to bring the practice of zazen close to new people that perhaps had never contact with zazen before, therefore the possibility to participate just a few days as well as the full week had always been available.

In that regard it has been quite an achievement since in all its editions there was a high percentage of newcomers, practicing side by side with ancient practitioners from the Ryokan Dojo Zen de Barcelona as well as the Kosen Sangha.

Practice of zen meditation, zazen, on the beach


A day of Zen y Playa starts by waking up at 5:45 am giving us all enough time to prepare and load the cars and have a very early departure to Sant Martí d’Empúries. After a pleasant walk surrounded by forests and by dawn light we arrive at Playa Muscleres, a truly idyllic environment, so that by 7:00 am we are already in zazen by the sea, just before the sunrise. We serve the genmai, coffee and then allow time to enjoy the sea and the sun until 11:30 am.


Zazen practice outdoors in Catalonia

Back into the country house we keep up with daily activities. Lunch is served at around 13:00 pm and the samu is organized by means of a rotating raffle that allows everyone to participate and learn the every day tasks in a zen retreat
(cooking, genmai, serve the tables, coffee, cleaning).

The day follows with ateliers on posture, etc. and one or two more outdoor zazen, the last one by night after dinner. During the day there is also time to rest, freshen up in the swimming pool and enjoy the calmness of this manor dating from 1300.  By night a chill out area is organized by the swimming pool with a bar, music and outdoor projections; the chance to socialize, share the experiences of the day and have fun.


Next edition Zen y Playa XI, starting on thursday the 26th of august 2022 : We hope to see you then!


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