Master Ingrid Gyu Ji Igelnick is organizing a samu and zazen weekend at the zen temple of Caroux on 9th - 10th December. On the program is the preparation of the winter camp, the maintenance of the surrounding areas, as well as various other maintenance jobs (DIY and painting).

Master Kosen will lead the zazen on Saturday morning (to be confirmed).

Here is the detailed program:

It is possible to arrive as early as Friday evening.

  • zazen at 11 hs
  • meal at 13 hs
  • samu from 15 hs to 18 hs
  • zazen at 19 hs
  • cmeal at 20:30 hs
  • zazen at 8 hs
  • samu from 10 hs to 12:30 hs
  • meal at 13 hs
  • samu from 15 hs to 18 hs

Please contact Ingrid to register and specify your participation availability (all weekend or part of it).

Contact details: ingrid.igelnick(at)

Come and help Master Gyu Ji to maintain and improve the wonderful Zen temple Yujo Nyusanji !

Samu et zazen au temple Yujo Nyusanji

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