Kusen given in the temple Yujo Nyusanji on Saturday 11 may 2013

After this zazen, there will be a ceremony for the anniversary of master Deshimaru's death, it's been 31 years since his passing. And also a ceremony to honour the monk Koshi Dokai, who was a great disciple of master Deshimaru. He was my brother-in-law. It was he who taught me samu, it is with him that we set up the first summer camp at the Gendronnière, with whom we built the kitchen, the Bell, the shop, the dojo, the dorms… always in joy and happiness. Master Deshimaru loved him very much as a disciple, as I do. We received the ordination of monk the same day, after having practiced zazen for the night. He is a monk who did so much, so much for the sangha.

He was really free, really undisciplined.

Bernard Poirier with Sensei DeshimaruHe wrote a text, some time ago, in Berlin. He took over the official AZI dojo of Berlin for many years. Later, as there were people who were jealous of his influence in the dojo, he ended up leaving, he decided to leave this great dojo and he built a small one in the suburbs of Berlin, a quiet one, with a small garden, where nobody would piss him off.


And so, the Atthaka Vagga of the Nipata sutra inspired him to write this text entitled:

I shin den shin, through the spirit spreads the spirit beyond Buddhism

Careful, vigilant, and secluded, they observed the course of things, perceiving themselves among this trembling people, miserable humans whining at the threshold of death, possessed by the thirst of illusory intentions which nevertheless permit them to consider nothing.

Tormented by what they cherish as mine, they are agitated and maltreated as fish left behind in the low waters of a current which has run dry, even as the things of the world, ephemeral emanations of their mutual dependence, have no more substance than clouds or dreams.

For one who thus realizes the inconsistency of things, greed and lust have truly no influence. Wherever under the vast skies, they depend on nothing in the world. Too, indifferent to their own destiny, they lead a life empty of self-interested love.

In the tumult of daily life, they are not abused by names or forms, they take action, free from coercion, but still intimately calm.

Sovereign, they remain unsubmissive. Thus, the disciple of Gautama experiments the way of this teaching, which is not based on the transmission of a belief or a dogma, nor does it depend on rituals or rules.

Koshi Dokai

Ko de Kodo
Shi de Wanshi
Do de Dogen
Kai de Fuyodokai


Master Kosen


Zen meditation : Ango, the Summer Camp

Koshi Dokai, a great disciple of Master Deshimaru

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However deep our understanding of abstruse ideas may beit is like a hair in the immensity of space.As great as our experience of things of the worldit is like a drop in an immeasurable abyss.


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