You want to discover the Zen : what is the Zen Buddhism? What is the Zen meditation?

We organise introductions every Saturday from 11:00 a.m. to 11:40 a.m. live on the Internet, using Zoom.

During the confinement period, we continue the practice of Zen meditation using ZOOM. To participate, it is recommended that you start with an introduction.

In the links below you will find explanations of the essential points of Zazen: posture, breathing, and state of mind, as explained by Zen Masters : Explanations from the Zen master Pierre Soko Leroux on how to meditate

Due to the limits to participants’ screen size in a ZOOM meeting, we advise you to practice at home, taking the time to understand and follow the detailed recommendations in these videos.

A monk, nun or Zen master of the Kosen Sangha, will be available to answer your questions. Following the introduction, every Saturday, Master KOSEN will lead zazen on Zoom from 12:00 to 13:30.

The initiation to the Zen meditation online in practice:

  • Connect to the dojo, 10 minutes before the introduction
  • How to connect? all the info on the : website
  • Access code to the Zoom room: 9070503010
  • In order to secure the meetings, you will be asked for a password: kosen

If you do not have a zafu (traditional cushion for the practice of zazen), you can make one with a simple blanket, as it is indicated in this description:

Online introduction to Zen meditation

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The monk without homeDiscover the inalienable life Which is without going and coming, That is the practice of the Way. Then you will reach the true vision And your ego will not be a transitory self But an eternal self. As long as we do not wake up to that, It is useless to be born in this world.

Kodo Sawaki

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