What is a sesshin ?

Touch the mind, become intimate with oneself, concentrating in zazen on the unified body and mind. This teaching was transmitted by Master Taisen Deshimaru.

Neither philosophy, nor ethics, nor religion, the Zen allows us to reach the origin of every philosophy, ethics or religion. Spring of awakening, the Zen transforms our life here and now.

Sesshin means touching the mind, it is a period where we essentially concentrate on zazen, also including samu, concentration on daily chore such as cooking or dish washing. Eventually we may practice yoga, do-in etc.

From Saturday 04 March until Sunday 05 March 2017


The practice of zazen is the essence of Zen.

Sitting facing the wall on a round cushion (zafu ), the legs in the lotus or semi lotus position, the knees laid down on the ground, the back well straight, the neck stretched, the left hand on the right hand, the edge of the hands on the abdomen, in a total immobility.

The breathing is quiet and the concentration is more directed to the breathing out.

The conscious mind is still, without entertaining nor rejecting the thoughts, we let them pass through the concentration on the posture and the breathing.

Master Deshimaru practising zazen

This sesshin is managed by Master Jomon Julien

Maître Jomon Julien

A zen nun since 1984, Françoise Jomon Julien is the founder and director of the Zen Dojo in Dijon.

She began practicing Zen in 1979 and in 1981 she received the Bodhisattva ordination from Master Deshimaru.

Françoise Julien is a disciple of Master Kosen, from whom she received the Shiho, (Dharma transmission), in 2015. 

She is deeply involved in the development of the work of Master Kosen.

This sesshin will occur from Saturday 04 March (arrivals the evening before), until Sunday 05 March 2017, in Amange.



Maison Familiale d'Amange 4 rue des Vergers 39700 AMANGE - Tel. 06 68 26 14 83

How to come

Amange est à côté de Dole.

En voiture :

A proximité de Dole, sortir de l'autoroute A36/E60 à la sortie 2, Dole, Gray, Authume. Après le péage, prendre à gauche la direction Rochefort, Besançon.
A Rochefort prendre à gauche la direction Amange.
La maison familiale se trouve dans le village lui-même.

En train :

Dole est sur la ligne TGV Paris - Besançon. Précisez l'heure d'arrivée en gare de Dole.

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We offer two prices

  • For people of modest means : 75 €
  • For people able to pay the sesshin at its right price :100 €

Prix : 75 € ou 100 € selon vos possibilités.

Apportez un zafu et un sac de couchage.

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