The Zen Dojo Amsterdam has the name Gyo Kai,which means ocean of practice. 

The Dojo is part of the international Kosen Sangha and is under the leadership of master Kosen Thibaut. Shown in the photos, you see people who practice in the dojo, some of them practice on a regular basis and some practice now and again. In the photos you see the following people Anna, Carolien, Ernst, Adrian, Paul, Arnaud, Florian, Jaap, Barbara, Carlos, Patricia, Julia, Gijs and John. Some are monk or non or bosshisatva, others are just to practice.  

We are fathers and mothers, artists, post delivery, psychologist, actrice, musician, architect, coach, filmmaker, teacher, employed or unemployed and all walks of life !!!.

Everyone is very welcome in our dojo to practice zazen.



On the days and times shown below, the Dojo is opened for the practice of Zazen. Zazen lasts around an hour and a half. We ask you to arrive 10 minutes in advance to prepare yourself for Zazen.

Thursday07:30 18:30

Beginners' course in the practice of Zazen

The beginners' course takes place each Sunday, 10:00

During the beginners' course, you will be shown the different sorts of meditation exercises which are traditionally practiced in an authentic Zen Dojo : Zazen, Kin-Hin, Sampaï, Gassho.

You will be assisted in the practice of these various exercises by zen monks or advanced practitioners. You will also learn about proper behaviour and attitude in a Dojo during meditation.

The course lasts 45 minutes and is followed by a 1 hour Zazen. This is free of charge. No need to register in advance. Just dress in loose fitting, dark clothes.

Address : Andreas Bonnstraat 12 1091 AX Amsterdam NETHERLANDS

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Address : Andreas Bonnstraat 12 1091 AX Amsterdam NETHERLANDS

Tel. : +31 (0)6 444 00 270

Website : Zen Dojo Amsterdam - Gyo Kai

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zen practice in Amstrerdam with master Soko

Pierre Soko Leroux began with Zen in Rennes in 1986 and since then has continued uninterrupted the practice of zen. For ten years he engaged in all the sesshins and intensive camps at The Gendronnière zen temple funded by Master Taisen Deshimaru, fullfilling duties in the temple’s kitchen.


Pictures from Zen Dojo Amsterdam - Gyo Kai

Zen Dojo AmsterdamZen Dojo AmsterdamZen Dojo Amsterdam: Buddha in our gardenZen Dojo Amsterdam: The DojoZen Dojo Amsterdam: CeremonyZen Dojo Amsterdam: TeachingZen Dojo Amsterdam: Introduction on Open DoorsZen Dojo Amsterdam: Open DoorsBuddha on the altarsesshin nov 2016sesshin nov 2016zazen morningzazen morningNORTH SEA SESSHIN: 2 1/2 days: 30 November till 2 December 2018. Two and a half days of intensive zen practice under the direction of zen master GYU JI, (Ingrid Igelnick).Zen Dojo Amsterdam "Gyo Kai" Sesshin March 2019 with Master RyurinSesshinMondoGuen Mai

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Next sesshin : from 02 July 2022 to 13 July 2022 - Information and registration to this zen retreat

Lord, it would be nice if you would allow the women to enter the life without residence Following your teaching and your training.


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