Maître Toshiro Tai Gen Yamauchi

Toshiro Yamauchi was born in Buenos Aires on October 27, 1962. He did his primary and secondary studies in a Spanish priest school. In 1982, he fought in the Falklands war. After the war, he studied Dramatic Arts and founded the rock band Louis XV, of which he was the leader for 20 years. In 1992, he toured in France, where he met Master Kosen Thibaut. He immediately recognized Master Kosen as the heir of Master Deshimaru and began to follow him. In 1994, he received the ordination of bodhisattva and received the name of Tai Gen. In 1997, he received the monk ordination with the name To Shi. He was the president of the Zen Association of Latin America for eight years. Since fourteen years, he has been the monk responsible for the Zen Dojo of Buenos Aires. In October 2016, Toshiro received the Transmission of the Dharma by Master Kosen at the Shobogenji Temple in Argentina.

Dans ku il n'y a ni matière, ni perception, ni sensation, ni action, ni conscience. Il n'y a ni couleur, ni son, ni odeur, ni gôut, ni toucher, ni pensée. Il n'y a ni savoir, ni ignorance, ni illusion, ni cessation de l'illusion. Il n'y a ni naissance, ni mort, ni souffrance, ni cessation de la souffrance. Il n'y a ni profit, ni non-profit


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