Zazen on-line with master Kosen and his sangha gathered for the 3rd session of the summer camp in the temple Yujo Nyuzanji: sunday, august 4th, 17h00 french time; 12h argentinian time. This schedule was chosen to fit Southamerican timetables. To avoid overloading, only dojos can take part. You will need a password, every dojo must send  an email to zazenathome(at) in order  to obtain it.

The goal is to do the first trial to be able to allow a worldwide zazen practice of 1,000 or 10,000 peiople through the planet. Explanation about how to connect can be found on This site allows you to leave your email address and ask questions. It will be possible to connect at 16:00 for testing purposes. At the sound of the wood, at 16:50, we'll switch off the sound of participants to avoid noise.

Resources: you need a good smartphone with internet connection, connected to a laptop via USB to enable a larger screen. External loudspeakers could be useful in case of a kusen. The devices can be set up in the dojo's place of the master, with the camera looking towards the rest of the dojo, so that Master Kosen can see the postures. The sitting will be recorded.

Zazoom Transcontinental with master Kosen from YujoNyuzanji, Sunday August 4ht, 17H UTC+2, 12H UTC-3

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Next sesshin : from 02 July 2022 to 13 July 2022 - Information and registration to this zen retreat

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