We continue the practice of zazen together using the “zoom” videoconferencing software. You will find all the information regarding how to connect, and the times scheduled for zazen, on the website http://zazenathome.org/ . Watch Dojo virtual Kosen Sangha to figure out how it is !

Each Saturday at 12 a.m., Master Kosen will conduct zazen. All the other sessions will be conducted by masters of Kosen sangha or the heads of the European dojos.

From Monday to Friday, two zazen sessions per day are offered (on Wednesday three zazen sessions). Find out the timeline at zazen At Home

Please connect 10 minutes before the start of zazen and create the best possible conditions for the session, with the same frame of mind as we practice in a Zen dojo.


Please bear in mind

When someone enters the virtual dojo, this is signaled by a very disturbing high-pitched bell.

Likewise, when someone leaves the dojo because their battery is discharged, this is also signaled by a disturbing sound. Please make sure your device is connected to the mains.


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Zazoom : online zazen practice

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Next sesshin : from 28 December 2023 to 01 January 2024 - Information and registration to this zen retreat

Winter camp 2023 : Zazen the méditation Zen, Caroux Temple near of Montpellier

During seventy years my sins Filled up the entire universe I brought this body up to the highest It goes now back down to hell Oh! I have nothing to say About life and death.


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