This page presents some videos which tell the magic of the practice of Zen meditation: zazen, at Yujo Nyusanji Zen Temple.

Life in the temple, during the summer camp 2020

Samu sesshin, may 2021

We painted the dojo with Richard, Ingrid was tenzo.

Summer camp 2016

 The third session of the 2016 summer camp, led by Master Kosen, with subtitles. We focused on filming this light atmosphere characteristic of the sesshin of the Kosen Sangha. Excerpt from the samu, the show, the ceremony, the posture correction workshop, the ordinations, 2mm of Kusen during the zazen.

2014 course of the spring  sesshin

 We can see the different parts of the temple, the meal, the samu, the zazen, the little party before the departure, then the temple becomes silent again. We can listen to the sounds that punctuate the sesshin (the wood, the metal), the voice of Master Kosen who teaches during the zazen, the sutra of the meals.  This film translates how children of the practitioners look at us, they have made the oral description.

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The abused mindturns around the lotusThe awakened mindmakes the lotusturn around him.


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