Study of kesa, practice of Dharma

Fifty years ago, Master Deshimaru brought to France the seed of Zen, by the practice of zazen and the  kesa transmission. Currently, many people in the West sew their rakusu, their kesa, according to the method transmitted by the disciples of Deshimaru. Even if you use fabric, needle and thread, it is not a sewing exercise. To sew the kesa is to study the Dharma of Buddha. Master Kodo Sawaki used to say: "The kesa is the fabric that becomes Buddha."

Dear friends of the Sangha, you are busy with your Kesa or your Rakusu and you want help? 

Every Friday at 2 p.m., there is a possibility online to get an explanation on this traditional Japanese sewing method, of the Zen Soto. The Zen nun Alga Koden del Mar will give indications on the sewing of the Kesa and of the Rakusu, through of the Zoom application.

The sewing kesa courses online in practice

  • Every Friday at 2 p.m. European time
  • How to connect? all the info on the : website
  • Access code to the Zoom room: 9070503010
Sewing the kesa online with the zen nun Alga Koden del Mar

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