After the sesshin of Kesa directed by Françoise Kosen Laurent, the summer camp is coming. Already at the temple, we are mobilized to be able to welcome you: the roto-cutter is running at full speed to clear all the possibilities of camping places.

This year, the garden has resumed its function as a vegetable garden and the horses have left us a treasure trove of dung. There is no lack of outdoor activities. Of course, we also have to clean the kitchen and the buildings.

At the beginning of July, begins the time of the "samu at the Zen temple of Caroux": during this period at the temple, from July 2 to 13 and from August 17 to 24, there are alternating times of meditation, samu, and relaxation: two zazen meditations, 4 hours of samu (participation in the tasks of the temple) and free time to take advantage of the nature offered by the mountains of Caroux.

Pace of the day

  • zazen, followed by genmaï soup
  • samu from 10am to midday
  • meal
  • free time
  • samu from 3pm to 5pm
  • zazen
  • meal

The participation fee for accommodation and food is 15 € per day.

This period is free of charge for the permanent members of the summer camp, provided that they do the whole samu period.

This period is also free for young people from 18 to 25 years old who wish to discover zazen, Zen meditation, from July 2 to 9.



For more information and to register
contact :

We look forward to seeing you this summer at the Zen Temple of Caroux!



Samu au temple zen du Caroux

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In ku there is no matter, no perception, no feeling, no action and no consciousness There is no color, no sound, no smell, no taste, no thought. There is no knowledge, no ignorance, no illusion, no cessation of illusion There is no birth, no death, no suffering, no cessation of suffering. There is no profit, no loss.


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