Get ready for autumn camp by doing some gardening!


Since its creation, the Zen temple of Caroux has had a vegetable garden.
It was first set up by Paul, a great nature lover, then taken over by myself, the current guardian of the temple, together with various disciples of the Kosen Sangha.

Every year, the vegetable garden brings us more and more organic vegetables and herbs to prepare meals here in the temple. 


Whether you are an experienced gardener or a total beginner, we invite you to participate in the Autumn Garden Samu which will take place from October 28th to November 1st.
This stay is an opportunity to introduce yourself into the practice of zazen, the meditation of the Buddhas or to come and practice together with others, for those who already know it.

Ingrid Gyu JI, head of the temple


Registration and information:


Participation is:
16€/day with 4 hours samu (gardening, cooking, or other manual work)
Free with 6 hours of samu

Samu jardinage

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