Due to the containment caused by the pandemic, we will be holding an online zazen day on Saturday, November 28th at the virtual dojo (www.zenathome.org). It is important to participate    from beginning to end.  Start and finish together. There will be 3 zazens led by nun Alga Koden del Mar, throughout the day. Program, compatible EUrope and Latin America :

  • 1° ZAZEN : 11 h.. UE / 07 h.  ARG-CHI-UY / COL, CUB, ECU EQA 05 h. /Mex 04 h.
  • 2° ZAZEN : 15 h. UE / 11 h. ARG-CHI-UY / COL, CUB, ECU 9 h. /Mex 08 h.
  • 3° ZAZEN : 19 h. UE / 15 h. ARG-CHI-UY / COL, CUB, ECU 13 h. /Mex 12 h.

 This link can help you to adopt the right posture and attitude (playlist of our utube channel) :  The participation to the day is a fusé-don-, which must be done at your dojo, or at your temple if you do not belong to a dojo : 

 It is important to decide to come, so you can  register

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