This sutra is a commemoration of the great masters. Although, not all the Budhhas and Patriarchs are mentioned in this brief recitation, the most important patriarchs of our Soto tradition such as Budhha, Bodhidharma, Dogen, Keisan, Kodo SawakiTaisen Deshimaru and Niwa Zenji are respectfully mentioned and thanked.

The Eko is recited during the morning ceremony.


Eko - Sutra de agradecimiento a los grandes maestros del Zen Soto



Aogi koi nega waku wa sambo:
Fushite shokan wo tare tamae...
Jorai Maka Hannya Haramita Shingyo,
wo fujutsu, atsumuru tokoro no kudoku wa /

Dai Hon Kyo Shu, honshi Shakya Muni Butsu,
Shin Tan Shoso Bodai Daruma Daiosho,
Shusso Eihei Dogen Daiosho,
Keizan Jokin Daiosho,
Mokusho Senku Daiosho,
Kaku Kaku Rekidai No Daiosho, Narabini:
Somon Kodo Daiosho,
Mokudo Taisen Daiosho,
Zuigaku Rempo Zenji Daiosho:
no tame kamiji on ni mukui i
Honjitsu (nom du dojo) Dojo ni
sanzen seishu Ichido no kofuku wo
kinen sen koto wo.

We humbly call upon your true compassion and awakening.
Having sung the Sutra of Great Wisdom, we dedicate this ceremony
to each of the following great masters expressing our gratitude for their compassion:
To Buddha Shakyamuni, first master and pillar of the teaching, which is a great benefit,
to the great master Bodhidharma, ancient founder,
to the great master Eihei Dogen, founder of the school,
to the grand master Keizan Jokin,
to the grand master Mokusho Senku,
to each of the grand masters of past generations, and also:

to grand master Somon Kodo,
to grand master Mokudo Taisen,
to grand master Zuigaku Rempo,
we express our recognition.
we pray for the happiness of all participants of the pure assembly, today we come (name of the dojo) to practice zazen.

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For the bodhisattva, thanks to the wisdom which leads beyond, There exists no obstacle and no fear. Every illusion and every attachment are distant And he can grab the ultimate end of his life, nirvana.


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