The twelfth patriarch was the Venerable Asvaghosa.- He asked the Venerable Punyayasas, "I wish to know the Buddha; what is Buddha?" The Venerable [Punyayasas] replied, "You wish to know the Buddha, but he who does not know is the Buddha." The master said, "Since Buddha is not knowing, how can I know that it is Buddha?" The Venerable said, "Since you do not know Buddha, how can you know that it is not Buddha?" The master said, "It is like a saw." The Venerable replied, "It is like wood. Now I ask, what does 'saw' mean?" The master said, "The Venerable and I are lined up evenly [like the teeth in the saw]. What does 'wood' mean?" The Venerable replied, "You are cut through by me." The master was suddenly awakened

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Zen meditation : retreats

Next sesshin : from 30 October 2021 to 01 November 2021 - Information and registration to this zen retreat

Autumn camp 2021: Zazen the méditation Zen, Caroux Temple near of Montpellier

The way transmitted to the West I transmitted to the East Fishing for the moon Ploughing the clouds I gathered the ancient savor.


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