La nonne Françoise Kosen Laurent

Françoise Kosen Laurent, former model or Louis Ferraud! Françoise chose the sewing of the sacred robe of the Buddha and became one of the oldest nuns of Master Deshimaru. She sewed her first rakusu in 1976, when she was ordained a zen nun.

Co-founder of the second dojo on Pernety Street, called "the workshop", where Deshimaru's real sangha truly began.

There, monks and nuns cooked the ’’guenmai’’ (traditional rice soup from the ancient Zen temples) that zazen participants ate every morning with Master Deshimaru. In this workshop, the kesa was sewn, and kimonos, kolomos, zafus were made ..... Later on, Françoise continued and deepened this practice, which she then taught in turn in the dojos and during the sesshins. And particularly at the temple of La Gendronnière.

In 2006, she met Master Kojun Kishigami, (last direct disciple of Master Kodo Sawaki), considered in Japan as a national treasure for his knowledge and practice of the kesa. Thanks to this relationship with Master Kishigami, she allows us today to deepen the study of the kesa "Nyoho e", in the tradition of Master Dogen and Master Mensan.

An meeting not to be missed for those who are passionate about this subject or for those who want to advance the sewing of their own kesa or rakusu.

"Master Kosen"

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