In Zen practice, a Mondo is a dialogue between a disciple and his master.

Is it true that practicing the way is dangerous?

Hello Master Kosen, I have read the book "what is the enlightening?" from John White in whom 10 prominent figures speak (Sri Aurobindo, Krisnamurti, Ken Wilber etc) about their experiences, and they all seem to coincide in that "The Way" of the practice of meditation is dangerous, even "terrifying", that one can get lost in it, or bcecome a ...

When I reflect on the number of hours during which I should still practice, I feel overtaken and it looks impossible to me. Does it create a wrong energy ?

I have been meditating some years, but without the Buddhas instructions in mind. Several months ago I realized the potential in this meditation and began to practice as I have read about. (I have never received any formal instruction). I have been so happy with what is taking place I am afraid that I will become complacent with my new happiness ...


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It is because the root of your faith is insignificant That appears in your mind the impulse to pack up your stuff And run on the trails to wander in far places.


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