The eleventh patriarch was Punyayasas. He stood with folded hands before the Venerable Parsva, and the Venerable asked him, "Where did you come from?" The master replied, "My mind does not go [or corne]." The Venerable asked, "Where do you dwell?" The master replied, "My mind does not stop [or move]." The Venerable asked him, "Aren't you undecided?" The master replied, "All Buddhas are also like this." The Venerable said, "You are not 'all Buddhas,' and 'all Buddhas' is also wrong." Hearing this, the master practiced unremittingly for twenty-one davs and acquired patience with regard to the non-origination of things. [Then,] he said to the Venerable, "All Buddhas' is wrong, and they are not the Venerable." Parsva acknowledged him and transmitted the True Dharma to him.

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Invariably Master Tenryu has raised his thumb Unifying the sky and the earth Without splitting the East from the West Gutei is a real laugh Stroke by muteness The sex erected facing the moon.


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