Eihei Dogen, patriarch of Master Kosen 's zen buddhism lineage

Eihei Dogen

The fifty-first patriarch was Priest Eihei Dogen. He studied with Priest Tien-t'ung Ju-ching. Once, during late night zazen, Ju-ching told the monks, "Studying Zen is the dropping off of body and mind." Hearing this, the master was suddenly greatly awakened. He went at once to the abbot's room and burned incense. Ju-ching asked him, "Why are you burning incense?" The master answered, "Body and mind have dropped off." Ju-ching said, "Body and mind have dropped off, the dropped-off body and mind." The master said, "This is a temporary ability; you must not approve me without reason." Ju-ching replied, "I am not approving you without reason." The master asked, "Why are you not approving me without reason?" Ju-ching said, "You dropped off body and mind." The master bowed. Ju-ching said, "You have dropped off dropping off." Then, [Ju-ching's] attendant, Huang-p'ing of Fu-chou, said, "It is no small thing for a foreigner to experience this realm." Ju-ching said, "How many here have gotten it? Liberated, he is mild and peaceful, and the thunder roars."

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The monk without abode Discover the inalienable life Which is without comings or goings That is the practice of the Way Then they will gain access to the right view And your ego will not be a transient I But an eternal I If one has not awakened to this It is useless to have been born into this world

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