hello and thank you from the bottom of my heart for making yourself so available.

In short, I am a being in a quest to do good in his life. I am a psychologist, and have very intense projects where I want to devote myself to doing as much good as possible during my life. To bring hope, inspiration, confidence, meaning, beauty into the lives of the many. The motivation of the bodhisattva has been a daily inspiration for my daily life for years. But I'm having a complicated time in my life. Having long had a very deep confidence in me and my project, this confidence is at this moment shaken in my life, following the re-contact with some teachings of the Dharma. My mind is in doubt. I want to do great good. But I have been unable, for several weeks, to get out of these doubts. So in my quest for answers and clarity, I thought back to you, which I had learned of a few years ago.

Master, if you would give me some of your time, please, so that I may clear my mind and do as much good as possible, I dare to believe that this would be beneficial to many living beings. Tears are close when I write these words.

Thank you

Answer from Master Kosen

A well-known phrase in "Zen" culture:

"Absolute, doubtless, so is the dharma."

In our traditional practice, which has been passed down from master to master for a long time, we approach the dharma with and through our own body.

It is necessary to realize it with all our being, that is why we begin, we continue and we finish the study of the dharma through the posture of the Buddha. By borrowing, if I may say so, the posture of the Buddhas.

It is an experience, without comments, there is no doubt but only to practice: body, consciousness, breath. This is the dharma, absolute, doubtless, which generates many good things.



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